Poll: Hotter Premier League Player

I decided not to wait any longer to start the next poll, so here we go!  Soccer players have to be extremely fit to be successful, which means the majority of them are really hot.  Two of the hottest in the Premier League (England’s league, arguably the best in the world) are Manchester United’s Dutch striker Robin Van Persie, and Tottenham Hotspur’s star American Clint Dempsey.  But who’s hotter?

Grady Sizemore

Grady Sizemore debuted for baseball team Cleveland Indians in 2004, and made a name for himself the following four years, becoming one of the MLB’s biggest stars.  However, injuries began to derail his career, and he is now a free agent.  During the 2009 offseason, the e-mail account of Sizemore’s girlfriend was hacked, and numerous near-nude photos of him were splashed across the internet.  If you don’t know why Grady Sizemore is forever linked with “coffee cup”, you’ll soon see.

Freaking adorable:


Coffee Cup:

Poll Winner: Macklemore

I’ve decided to let the polls last 10 days, so the first poll is now closed.  I received a surprising number of votes, thanks to everyone who voted!  Macklemore came out on top, thrashing Eminem 79% to 21% to win the title of Hotter Rapper.  To celebrate, here is an extended biography with ten photos.

Ben Haggerty, born in 1983, was raised in Seattle, Washington.  Growing up, he use to spend summers setting up tents and making mixtapes of songs.  When he was 14, he began writing lyrics, and released his first EP at the age of 17, under the name Professor Macklemore.  He teamed up with his photographer-turned producer Ryan Lewis, who was a close friend, and the two formed the act.  Between 2005 and 2009, Haggerty, now known as just Macklemore, suffered from a severe addiction to OxyCotin, which resulted in a hiatus from music.  As the two men began to record music again, Macklemore suffered a severe relapse in late 2011.  He would recover once again, and with Ryan Lewis, released their full-length debut album, The Heist.  The lead single “Thrift Shop” became a viral hit late that year, and especially in early 2013, reaching number one throughout the world.  The song was inspired by Macklemore buying the most flamboyant outfits he could find at the thrift shop when he was 17, and wearing them to party.  He has always been a huge supporter of gay rights, and recorded a song called “Same Love” in favor of marriage equality.  He married his girlfriend of seven years, Tricia Davis, in January of this year.


Matt Jarvis

I’ve always thought English soccer player Matt Jarvis, currently at West Ham United, was hot.  But recently, he blew my mind by going an posing in a series of photos for gay magazine Attitude.  No, Jarvis isn’t gay, although there was a lot of speculation after the photo shoot.  He did it as an anti-homophobia statement.


The cover:





And I saved the best for last:

Jon Hamm

Social media is going crazy right now over rumors Mad Men star Jon Hamm was asked by the producers to wear underwear, because his freeballing ways was distracting viewers thanks to his “impressive anatomy.”  I don’t find Jon Hamm extremely good looking, but he’s alright, and judging from the crotch shots which are all over the internet, his anatomy seems impressive.


Judge for yourself:

Luke Bryan

I’m not a big fan of country music, but I am a big fan of country guys!  Plus, you don’t have to appreciate Luke Bryan’s music to appreciate Luke Bryan.  He’s super hot, especially when he’s wearing a cap.  There’s just something about guys with caps, and he sure looks great in one.  He’s had an extremely successful career too, with 4 number one US Country hits.


Good  advice:

Phillip Phillips

In my opinion, Phillip Phillips is the greatest singer to come from American Idol by a mile.  “Home” was one of 2012’s best songs, and his entire album was brilliant.  But he’s not here because of his talent.  Nope, he’s purely here because of how cute he is.  He’s an adorable guy, there’s no getting away from that.