I know, I’m cheating a little since Wolverine is a character.  But let me explain.  Hugh Jackman just doesn’t really do it for me (sorry all his millions of fans).  But Wolverine is a whole different story.  When a saw a trailer for the new movie, I realized just how damn hot Hugh Jackman is when he’s playing Wolverine.

Wolverine ass:

Sven Kramer

Before the 2010 Winter Olympics, not many people outside of the Netherlands knew who Sven Kramer was.  But the speed skater was one of the biggest names of the tournament.  He won the 5000m gold, and won the 10000m, only to be disqualified for changing lanes, causing him to yell at his coach.  When asked by a reporter to state his name and country after winning the 5000m, Kramer told him, “Are you stupid? Hell no I’m not going to do that.”  But besides all the controversy and interesting news, Kramer shone for his looks.  One good looking man!


Channing Tatum: Part II

I haven’t posted in over a week, sorry about that!  But I have a present to make up for it – more Channing Tatum pictures!



Oh man, that ass:


I’m gonna post this pretty obvious fake, because 1) it’s still hot as hell, and 2) even though Channing Tatum was in a movie about fucking strippers (!), we’ve never gotten to see his dick: