Nick Jonas

I’ve never been a fan of the Jonas Brothers and don’t follow them due to that, so the last I remember of Nick Jonas, he looked like a little kid.  Damn, not anymore!  He recently posted a shirtless selfie on Twitter, and wow does he have an amazing body.  He sure has grown up, one of the hottest pics of ANY celebrity, EVER!


Will Poulter

Starring in the extremely stupid comedy We Are the Millers, 20 year-old British actor caught my eye.  In a dorky and quirky way, he’s actually really cute and pretty hot.  He has a full frontal in the movie (the only problem is, thanks to a spider bite, his one ball is comically swollen, so it’s actually pretty gross) , as well as showing his ass and several hot kissing scenes.



Silly boy:


Cute ass for sure: