Baseball Caps

In this latest collection, I’ll feature the hottest thing a guy can wear – a baseball cap.  There’s just something about caps that make a guy look like a sex god.  They’re incredibly hot, so let’s get to the pics!



He looks like a damn idiot, but a hot one:

Homoerotic Sports Pics II

It’s time for the sequel post to homoerotic sports with even more accidentally gay photos of athletes! There are so many out there, expect quite a few of these posts, since I can’t get enough of them!

Rooney must’ve been pretty upset when Ronaldo left.  No more of this:

Can you blame him?

Homoerotic Sports Pics

I’ve been trying to mix it up lately, with different series of photos, instead of just one “yummy hot guy”.  For this one, here’s pictures of straight athletes in accidentally suggestive pics.

Doggy style:

Not sure how accidental:

A dedicated coach:

For those water polo fans:

This one’s just cute:

Real Gay Kisses

These gay kisses are by actual gay celebrities, so they’re 100% genuine, unlike the last batch.  Here are some of my favorites.

Neil Patrick Harris and boyfriend David Burtka:

Actor Matt Bomer with his ex:

TV host Nate Berkus with his boyfriend:

Gay Kisses

Ah, celebrity gay kisses.  It doesn’t matter if they’re actually gay or not, the kisses are still as hot as hell.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Interesting celebration between Manchester United teammates Paul Scholes and Gary Neville

Ryan Reynolds at a Film Festival

Actors Trevor Donovan and Alan Ritchson kiss on 90120 (worth the wait):