Channing Tatum: Part II

I haven’t posted in over a week, sorry about that!  But I have a present to make up for it – more Channing Tatum pictures!



Oh man, that ass:


I’m gonna post this pretty obvious fake, because 1) it’s still hot as hell, and 2) even though Channing Tatum was in a movie about fucking strippers (!), we’ve never gotten to see his dick:

Jason Biggs

Jason Biggs may play a loser on American Pie, but there’s something attractive about him. In a dorky, cute sense he’s pretty hot.  Maybe it’s cause we’ve seen him fuck a pie.  It also doesn’t hurt that we’ve seen every part of his body. Mmmm


CUTE ass:

He’s so fucking lucky, he got to kiss Sean William Scott!:

Oh yeah, I meant every part of his body:

Jason Biggs’ awesome spoof “audition” for Magic Mike. Wait until the dancing, it gets hot as hell:

Alan Ritchson

Alan Ritchson auditioned for American Idol in 2004, but was eliminated early.  However, his appearance was memorable due to a striptease he performed for Paula Abdul.  After the show, he launched a successful modeling career, and then began to act.  He is most famous for his roles in the television shows Smallville and Blue Mountain State.  With a cute face and an amazing body, Alan Ritchson is about as hot as it gets.



And one from his 90210 kiss:

Matt Jarvis

I’ve always thought English soccer player Matt Jarvis, currently at West Ham United, was hot.  But recently, he blew my mind by going an posing in a series of photos for gay magazine Attitude.  No, Jarvis isn’t gay, although there was a lot of speculation after the photo shoot.  He did it as an anti-homophobia statement.


The cover:





And I saved the best for last:

Josh Duhamel

An American actor, Josh Duhamel began his career on television, most notably on All My Children.  He then transitioned to film, where his biggest role has been playing protagonist Colonel William Lennox in the Transformers series.  He posed fully nude for a photography book in 2000, which I am extremely grateful for.

From the photography book:


I hate Eminem.  I hate his music, I hate him as a person period.  Now that that’s out of the way, let me talk about how hot he is.  He’s got a great body, he’s damn adorable despite the tough-guy image, he sticks his ass out any chance he gets, and he sings songs about “facking”.  What’s not to love?

Move the dynamite over a little:

I wasn’t exaggerating about his ass:

Jake Shears

Jake Shears is the lead singer of the band Scissor Sisters, who are best known for their hit “I Don’t Feel Like Dancin'”, one of 2006’s best-selling singles. Shears is well known as being gay, as he is one of the top musicians in New York City’s  “gay and electroclash scene”.  He’s also famous for his over-the-top outfits.





Three amazing pics in one: