Poll Winner: Adam Levine

I’m back from vacation and the poll’s time is up, so here we go.  Adam Levine barely came out on top in the battle of the incredibly hot singers.  This was the closest poll ever, with the margin being 55% to 45%, and it was also the most votes any poll has ever gotten, so thanks to everyone who voted.  Now here’s Levine’s bio, and 10 sizzling pics:

Levine was born in Los Angeles in 1979, and formed a garage band in his teenage years called Kara’s Flowers.  The band had high hopes after they were featured on Beverley Hills 90210, but their debut album failed to be a success.  Bitterly disappointed, the band broke up soon afterwards.  Levine left for New York, and after getting a job as a waiter, formed a new band, Maroon 5.  The band’s debut album Song’s About Jane was released in 2002, and slowly became a sleeper hit.  It was one of the best selling albums of 2004, when it multi-platinum.  A large world tour followed, and the band hasn’t looked back since.  “Makes Me Wonder”, “Moves Like Jagger”, and “One More Night” have all topped the Billboard Hot 100.


Pretty obviously fake, but I’m still using it:


Poll: Hotter Singer

Adam Levine and Justin Timberlake have both become known as sex gods.  But who’s hotter?  I honestly couldn’t decide, so good look choosing between a singer who posed nude for Cosmopolitan and a singer who brought “SexyBack” and who we saw have sex multiple times.  I’m going on a vacation for a week, so there will be no yummy hot guys in that time 😦

Poll Winner: Neil Patrick Harris

How I Met Your Mother hunk Neil Patrick Harris defeated Alan Ritchson to win the title of hotter television star.  I’ve got to be honest, I think Alan Ritchson’s just about the perfect man, so I disagree with the result.  But, Neil Patrick Harris won with 68% of the votes, so he certainly has his fans, and he’s not exactly bad looking himself.  Here’s the bio and ten pics for the winner:

Born and raised in New Mexico, Harris began acting at a young age, and at 15, he acted in Clara’s Heart, which he earned a Golden Globe for.  After a few movies as an adult, Harris found success by playing a fictionalized version of himself in the Harold and Kumar film series.  His television career began in 1989, when he won the lead role in Doogie Howser, M.D.  But he truly exploded on the scene in 2005, when he landed the role of womanizer (slightly ironic) Barney Stinson on the comedy How I Met Your Mother.  Harris came out as gay in 2006, saying, “I am quite proud to say I am a content gay man.”  He announced his engagement to his partner David Burtka in 2011, after New York passed the Marriage Equality Act.

Poll: Hotter TV Star

In the latest poll, two TV hunks will face off for the hotter television star.  Who’s hotter Alan Ritchson, of Smallville and Blue Mountain State fame, or Neil Patrick Harris, famous for playing Barney on How I Met Your Mother?  Here’s a picture of the sizzling duo to get you excited for the vote.


Poll Winner: Clint Dempsey

American Clint Dempsey was able to edge Dutch rival Robin Van Persie to win the title of the hotter player in the Premier League, with 57% of votes, compared to 43%.  There was a much lower number of votes this week, I guess neither guy can match up to Macklemore in popularity.  But Dempsey’s victory earns him an extended bio, and 10 pics:

Clint Dempsey was born and raised in a trailer park in Nacogdoches, Texas.  When he was young, his older brother Ryan was offered a tryout for the Dallas Texans soccer club.  Clint was noticed passing time juggling a ball on the sideline, and was picked instead.  He became a star for his team, but had to quit when his family could no longer afford to pay for him. His teammates rallied to raise enough money for Clint to rejoin.  In 1995, Clint’s 16 year-old sister Jennifer died from a brain aneurysm.  Devastated, he was determined to work even harder at soccer and, in 2004 he was picked by New England Revolution in the SuperDraft to play in the MLS, the top soccer league in the US.  After several highly successful seasons, Dempsey was bought by Fulham, in the English Premier League, regarded as the finest in the world.  He would be a massive star for Fulham, the most successful American in the Premier League’s history, and rose through the American national team to become captain, and one of the record goalscorers.



Poll: Hotter Premier League Player

I decided not to wait any longer to start the next poll, so here we go!  Soccer players have to be extremely fit to be successful, which means the majority of them are really hot.  Two of the hottest in the Premier League (England’s league, arguably the best in the world) are Manchester United’s Dutch striker Robin Van Persie, and Tottenham Hotspur’s star American Clint Dempsey.  But who’s hotter?

Poll Winner: Macklemore

I’ve decided to let the polls last 10 days, so the first poll is now closed.  I received a surprising number of votes, thanks to everyone who voted!  Macklemore came out on top, thrashing Eminem 79% to 21% to win the title of Hotter Rapper.  To celebrate, here is an extended biography with ten photos.

Ben Haggerty, born in 1983, was raised in Seattle, Washington.  Growing up, he use to spend summers setting up tents and making mixtapes of songs.  When he was 14, he began writing lyrics, and released his first EP at the age of 17, under the name Professor Macklemore.  He teamed up with his photographer-turned producer Ryan Lewis, who was a close friend, and the two formed the act.  Between 2005 and 2009, Haggerty, now known as just Macklemore, suffered from a severe addiction to OxyCotin, which resulted in a hiatus from music.  As the two men began to record music again, Macklemore suffered a severe relapse in late 2011.  He would recover once again, and with Ryan Lewis, released their full-length debut album, The Heist.  The lead single “Thrift Shop” became a viral hit late that year, and especially in early 2013, reaching number one throughout the world.  The song was inspired by Macklemore buying the most flamboyant outfits he could find at the thrift shop when he was 17, and wearing them to party.  He has always been a huge supporter of gay rights, and recorded a song called “Same Love” in favor of marriage equality.  He married his girlfriend of seven years, Tricia Davis, in January of this year.