Eddie Fox

I just watched the season finale of Survivor.  I won’t say who won, in case you haven’t seen it yet.  But I will say that I’m in love with Eddie.  He’s one good looking firefighter!  And he began the show as an arrogant asshole, but by the end, I kinda looked at him as a loveable idiot.  He also happened to get hotter as the show went on, not sure how.


Poll Winner: Neil Patrick Harris

How I Met Your Mother hunk Neil Patrick Harris defeated Alan Ritchson to win the title of hotter television star.  I’ve got to be honest, I think Alan Ritchson’s just about the perfect man, so I disagree with the result.  But, Neil Patrick Harris won with 68% of the votes, so he certainly has his fans, and he’s not exactly bad looking himself.  Here’s the bio and ten pics for the winner:

Born and raised in New Mexico, Harris began acting at a young age, and at 15, he acted in Clara’s Heart, which he earned a Golden Globe for.  After a few movies as an adult, Harris found success by playing a fictionalized version of himself in the Harold and Kumar film series.  His television career began in 1989, when he won the lead role in Doogie Howser, M.D.  But he truly exploded on the scene in 2005, when he landed the role of womanizer (slightly ironic) Barney Stinson on the comedy How I Met Your Mother.  Harris came out as gay in 2006, saying, “I am quite proud to say I am a content gay man.”  He announced his engagement to his partner David Burtka in 2011, after New York passed the Marriage Equality Act.

Alan Ritchson

Alan Ritchson auditioned for American Idol in 2004, but was eliminated early.  However, his appearance was memorable due to a striptease he performed for Paula Abdul.  After the show, he launched a successful modeling career, and then began to act.  He is most famous for his roles in the television shows Smallville and Blue Mountain State.  With a cute face and an amazing body, Alan Ritchson is about as hot as it gets.



And one from his 90210 kiss:

Jon Hamm

Social media is going crazy right now over rumors Mad Men star Jon Hamm was asked by the producers to wear underwear, because his freeballing ways was distracting viewers thanks to his “impressive anatomy.”  I don’t find Jon Hamm extremely good looking, but he’s alright, and judging from the crotch shots which are all over the internet, his anatomy seems impressive.


Judge for yourself:

Josh Duhamel

An American actor, Josh Duhamel began his career on television, most notably on All My Children.  He then transitioned to film, where his biggest role has been playing protagonist Colonel William Lennox in the Transformers series.  He posed fully nude for a photography book in 2000, which I am extremely grateful for.

From the photography book:

Chris O’Donnell

This fine man is an American actor most famous for his television roles in Grey’s Anatomy and NCIS: Los Angeles.  He also played Robin in the early days of his career, in a tight outfit I must add.  He was initially discovered on a McDonald’s commercial, serving Michael Jordan.



So cheesy, yet so hot.  I mean, look at that bulge!

Norman Reedus

As a big fan of The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus’s character Daryl Dixon has really grown on me.  At first, I really didn’t think much of him.  But now, he’s my favorite part of the show.  His bad-ass attitude and great body make him unusually great looking.